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Sometimes all we need is a little time and a little finesse to make even the dullest room or bathroom come alive. Do you want to make your bathroom look or feel fancy? Want to make your bathroom a luxurious one at hardly any cost? If yes then we at Mafatlal with a century full of experience in bathroom linen and home linen space could give you some great tips on how you can make any simple bathroom come alive, almost like spa-like retreat at hardly any cost.

Here are some simple and affordable tips from our end to make your daily bathing experience more pampering and luxurious. Shop for our quality bath linen  products online.

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Yes, the flooring of the bathroom can make all the difference.Instead of going for the standard tiles and marbles you can opt for lovely non-slippery marble and granites specially designed and made for the bathrooms. At the same time you can also divide the bathroom and a keep a special dry area made of wooden panels. Wooden panels can bring about the look you would like. Small and lovely indoor plants could also help to liven up the space and add more character to the bathroom.


Yes, most often we tend to ignore the bathroom linen. We focus more on bedroom linen upholstery. Bathroom curtains dividing the wet and the dry areas can add a definite feel to the bathroom. You can check out range of bathroom curtains and other textiles fabrics that would suit the upholstery of the bathroom.

Towels and Robes

Plush and soft robes along with great set of cotton bath towels and towel sets could in lovely shades and designs could definitely add more luxury to the bathroom. While we think these things don't matter but these are what give you the luxury experience you desire for your bathroom. You can check our range of hand towels online and other bathing linen and wardrobes that could give you the spa like experience.

Bathroom Toiletries

Make sure you dont ignore how you keep the toiletries. Most of our ordinary bathroom have different product we use lined up and around the sink area but do you see such things in spas? If you want to keep luxury closer to you make sure you decorate your bathroom even using toiletries.The toiletries should be well organised and kept in organised stands and glass bottles or bottle sets that match the decor of the bathroom. Random products lying around bathroom won't give you the feel.

So, the next time you want to redo your bathroom then you should definitely take these pointers into consideration. These pointers would be able to help you assess what could add more luxury to your bathroom and make it feel unique unlike the normal bathing experience we all are used to. You notice these tips are not difficult to execute and neither are they very expensive. Visit our website - Mafatlal online and see what you can add your carts to come closer to your dream bathroom.