MafatlalOnline does more than creating world class products. We are a place to explore potential, obliterate boundaries, and push out the edges of what can be. We brings together people who are passionate about the brand, our products and vision. And we have a job that’s as challenging as you. If you are someone who thinks from the mind and works from the heart, has just the thing for you.

As of now, we need –



You are the scheme in the colours, the thought in the landscape. You are the conception in the creation, the perception in the vision. You are someone who knows how to beautifully blend designs, we, has a solid run-way for your ideas and a tank for your thinking. If you can think-outside-the-canvas, you are the man/woman we want.


Product Designers:

You put two and two of design and art together and convert it into a beautifully sale-able product. You visualize the utility in art, the productivity in design. You are someone who transforms a product into a bestseller pitch. promises you free reign as long as you know how to react to the market.


Logistics Managers:

You are someone who flawlessly ensures that the goods are in flow at the right time, have the right record of the orders and ensure that they are delivered within the deadline. You have updated information about the point of supply of the goods, its tracking and its delivery. will be delighted to have the go-getter who can do this with a sleight of hand.


E-commerce Executive:

You are an e-commerce freak. You are someone who opens Twitter first thing in
the morning and your last thought before going to bed is a viral video. You know how to optimize business through the right SEO resources and place products where they sell the most. offers an opportunity for you to create a new borderless world.

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