Keeping user experience at the focal point, we at Mafatlal Industries Ltd. offer the widest range of high quality fabrics. With the OEKO-TEX Quality Certification and the ISO 9001:2008 series of quality standards, we have been able to continuously meet with the every shifting needs of our consumer.

From Shirtings, Suitings, Denims, Corduroys, School, Corporate & Institutional Uniforms, Bed &Bath Linen and Ready-mades, each product at Mafatlal is an amalgamation of passion and research.

We owe it to our mills in the state of Gujarat which are equipped with the best technology. The Nadiad unit caters to the standards of our international customers such as Marks and Spencer, Next, DGQA, GDS&D and Ordnance. While at Navsari, the state of the art composite denims manufacturing unit courses Yarn Manufacturing, Dyeing, Weaving and Finishing.

Our chain of retail stores across India, known as Mafatlal Family shops and Mafatlal Exclusive Shops weave comfort, style and quality in its offerings.

Mafatlal products are extremely popular with well established brands, across the globe, reflecting their trust in us.This trust has inspired us to dress up Indians for several generations, catering to the changing needs of every new generation and it is through this trust, we at Mafatlal Industries plan to foray into the uncharted areas in textiles, thus bringing innovative products for our customers, throughout.