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Women love cleanliness! We guess most women do.

With Women’s day around the corner we are doing our little bit to reach out to all the cleanliness-conscious women and helping them in our sphere in keeping the cotton bed linen fresh and new-looking all the time!

We at Mafatlal house have been in the production of linen and textiles for almost a century now and are the best in the industry with years of experience to guide you to a longer lasting bed linen set getting value for the money you spend. This Women’s day - learn something new and stress yourselves less! Shop for our latest collection of cotton double bed sheets online.

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Yes, most women do not know that if the goal is to maintain the quality of pure cotton bed sheets then you need to store it well. This means avoid storing them in closed damp areas of cupboards and bedrooms. Rather store them in slightly aired and open draw spaces . We highly recommend you put silicone sachets n the covers to make sure that any moisture entering the folds is absorbed as well. Once the cloth absorbs the dampness the smell and the quality of the fabric gets affected adversely harming its shelf life.


We tend to put bed sheets for wash every week. That is fine, you can put it for a wash every week but make sure that when you do put it for a wash you make sure to follow the instructions printed on the tags. This is because each bedsheet is made of a different quality and type of cotton which makes it difficult for them to be thrown along with other clothing. Hence, we highly recommend mild tumble dry washes and ironing at low temperatures to keep the bedsheets fresh and new looking for a longer time.

Colour Stay

No matter how strong colour blocking technology we use with repeated washes over a very long period of time the cloth is definitely going to lose its shine. So, we suggest you use salt as a colour locker. Before putting the bed sheets - double bed sheets or single bed sheets, for a wash for the first time we recommend you give it a light salt soak. This will help lock the colours and keep the bedsheets looking brighter for a longer time.

These are some simple remedies and tips that we are asking you to pay heed to. Follow these and see your bed linen live a longer life. These tips if used well and all through the life of the bed linens are sure to keep your linen fresher and nice for a longer time. Try them and let us know whether this makes a difference. We at Mafatlal house are one of the leading names in the linen and textile space and by following us you would be saying hello to a world of beautiful fabrics, textiles and linen; their maintenance, upkeep storage and more such useful tips.

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