Hand-painted Indigo Lord Classic Painting

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The hand-painted Krishna series hails the elements of nature i.e air, water, fire and earth apart from paying a tribute to the universe and metals. The MAFATLAL hand-painted Krishna design depicts a beauty of water in several shades of blue blended along with the modern art. The splash of blue & white seems so dynamic that lets the panel painting speaks a lot about its divinity. The hand-painted artwork has the face of Buddha painted over it along with the feathers of peacock and a modern flute. This painting symbolizes the blend of two different cultures in one. In a land of this varied culture, every culture has its own beauty. Reverence for each of them echoes through this Rang Rage artwork. Product Highlight:
Painting Style: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions: 12x12; 16x16; 20x20; 24x24 inch
Color: Multicolored
Material: Canvas
Type: Stretched
Package Contain: 1x painting

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