Hand-painted Aura of Eternity Classic Painting

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The hand-painted Krishna series hails the elements of nature i.e air, water, fire and earth apart from paying a tribute to the universe and metals. The face of Lord Krishna on the painting is painted in an interesting way. The palette of the painting seems inspired by the element of air. The story that narrates existence of a divine power on different palettes of situations. The picture of Lord is overtaking the charm of every color on the painting. The hand-painted artwork is the reflection of power that has existence even in troubles. If you would love to decorate their dwelling with ultimate power, this MAFATLAL artwork is definitely for you. Product Highlight:
Painting Style: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions: 12x12; 16x16; 20x20; 24x24 inch
Color: Multicolored
Material: Canvas
Type: Stretched
Package Contain: 1x painting

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