Frolica Ultrathin Pads (SET OF 7 PCS)

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Rs. 36.00
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Frolica disposable sanitary pads/napkins are recommended for females who undergo menstruation, or any other situation leading to menstrual discharge, proving you with freedom to live the active and healthy life that the women of today epitomize today.


  • SAP technology means all the liquid is converted to gel which locks the wetness inside resulting in increased absorbency.
  • Extra-long length with wings ensures the pad stays securely in place, preventing side leakage.
  • The soft cotton surface acts like a cushion, for your comfort and softness.
  • Triple protection side barriers ensure leakage proof sides by locking the liquid between the channels.
  • 7 Pieces in a Packet

    Variants       Ultra Thin      Ultra Thin
    Sizes         235 mm       285 mm

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